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Hello World! Join our PRECISE-TBI Community!

Pre-clinical Inter-agency Research Resource for traumatic brain injury (TBI).

PRECISE-TBI is a research resource center. The goals of PRECISE-TBI are to elevate rigor, reproducibility, transparency, and translation in TBI research. The current strategic mission of PRECISE-TBI are divide into 6 cores:

  • preclinical model catalog core is developing a query-able catalog of TBI models

  • common data elements core guides establishment of preclinical TBI CDEs

  • informatics core assists with data sharing through an open data commons, ODC-TBI

  • blast education core will provide materials about blast-related TBI models

  • outreach and community engagement

"As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it."

-Antoine de Saint Exupery

Your ideas are needed to accelerate preclincal TBI research

By researchers for researchers

By Researchers for Researchers... means we need you to join the PRECISE-TBI community. Help us to develop the tools and resources you need to improve preclinical TBI research and accelerate the discovery and translation of new knowledge and treatments. All viewpoints are welcome. Diversity is key to our success and your unique perspective and experience are welcomed. You voice is heard and appreciated.

Join the PRECISE-TBI Community

We are better when working together to share, collaborate, and accelerate research. Also, data sharing is a new NIH requirement, so let us help you share!

Visit to join our contact list now.

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