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Why USE PRECISE-TBI Resources?

01. Data Sharing for New NIH Data Sharing Policy 

The updated NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy (DMSP) will take effect on January 25th, 2023. Under the new DMSP, all scientific data must be shared and made accessible as soon as possible. Basically, all scientific data must be made accessible no later than the time of an associated publication or by the end of the support period, whichever comes first.  Noncompliance could jeopardize future funding. PRECISE-TBI together with the Open Data Commons-TBI (ODC-TBI) is an excellent place to share your data.  The Open Data Commons is working now, join PRECISE-TBI and get assistance to have your ODC-TBI data sharing account set up today!

02. Example Data Management and Sharing Plans for PRECISE-TBI investigators

Also, as a part of the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy, all researchers must now submit a Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMS) with your funding proposal to explain how your data output will be managed, preserved, and shared. The PRECISE-TBI team can help your team come up with a great DMS using PRECISE recommendations for robust and reproducible research and the ODC-TBI

03. TBI Model Catalog Being Developed Now

Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a "living" and up-to-date catalog of all TBI models, how to use each model, and what key research findings are associated with each model?  This on-line and curated catalog is being developed and the first version is ready for your use and feedback.  Do you have a new TBI model you would like considered?  Would you like to learn more about TBI models?  Join the PRECISE-TBI contact list to learn more and join in to help with catalog development working groups. 

04. Common Data Elements (CDEs) and Data Standards

What data should you be collecting for each experiment and what it the best way to record it so it can be shared?  A common data element (CDE) is a standardized tool used for collection of data that enables knowledge sharing and makes data more reproducible across experiments and laboratories.  CDEs are tools to assist with data collection. A CDE is similar to an attribute and it functions as a key which can then map to an associated value.  Join PRECISE-TBI to help develop and vet CDEs for TBI research,  learn to utilize CDE resources, and get your data ready for sharing! 

05. Blast TBI Resources

Have you always wanted to use a deployment-relevant blast-TBI model but you don't have the space or expertise? Do you have questions about blast TBI models?  What is the best blast TBI model for your research?  What controls are needed for blast TBI models?  The PRECISE-TBI Blast TBI Education Core can help you!  Join PRECISE-TBI and obtain educational resources on blast TBI models and learn more about potential use of the Open-Field Blast Core (e.g., Experimental Mine) at Missouri S&T.   

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