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Steering, Advisory and Community 

Interagency Leadership

Leaders from the Department of Veteran's Affairs Office of Research and Development, the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Defense provide guidance, oversight, and insight for this Interagency Research Resources Center.  For recent article see:

VA to lead new national initiative to improve effectiveness of pre-clinical brain research

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for PRECISE-TBI is comprised of the multi-PI team of investigators.  The main tasks of PRECISE-TBI are arranged by "cores" with PIs leading each core.  Steering Committee members include:  C. Edward Dixon, Ph.D., Adam Ferguson, Ph.D., Candace Floyd, Ph.D., Zezong Gu, M.D., Ph.D., Gene Gurkoff, Ph.D., Neil Harris, Ph.D., Catherine Johnson, Ph.D., Michelle LaPlaca, Ph.D., Maryann Martone, Ph.D., and Pamela VandeVord, Ph.D.

The Steering Committee is supported by an outstanding team of content experts. Dr. Anita Bandrowski provides expertise on the use of informatics tools to improve rigor and transparency. Dr. Jeffrey Grethe brings over 2 decades of experience in providing collaborative data environments to biomedical research.  Dr. Monique Surles-Zeigler brings expertise in brain injury knowledge ontology. Tracy Niedzielko serves as the administrative officer and brings decades of logistical expertise. 

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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is comprised of a team of TBI experts including those with clinical expertise. The Advisory Committee provides guidance as to the overarching goals of PRECISE-TBI as well as insight into the utility and approach of the resources and services that PRECISE-TBI provides.  

Community Commitee

The Community Committee is YOU!  Any investigator (at any experience level) who would like to assist with resource development, use resources, give feedback, make suggestions, host learning activities....get involved to help move the TBI field forward. 

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