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TBI Model

Our Mission:

The mission of the Preclinical TBI Model Catalog Project is to improve clinical translation of therapeutics by providing an online catalog and standardized protocols to reduce the variability of model usage between laboratories. The goal of the model catalog is to enhance reproducibility of preclinical TBI research by increasing the ability of researchers to find and access preclinical TBI model papers.

How to access the catalog:

The PRECISE-TBI model catalog is a part of the PRECISE-TBI toolkit, which is a collection of resources used and developed for PRECISE-TBI. A narrated guide through the model catalog is available in the video below.


What does the catalog include?

  • Searchable online catalog of preclinical TBI models papers

  • Protocols for injury production

Future releases will include:

  • Calibration, and preventative maintenance protocols

  • Model vendors

  • Biomechanically valid sensors to enhance reproducibility

Surveys to provide feedback:

We are interested in your viewpoint on preclinical TBI models and sensors you use in your models. Please give us feedback.

Planned benefits to investigators:

  • Improve understanding of what models have been used for assessment particular outcomes

  • Training tools to learn how to acquire and use TBI devices

  • Searchable tools to improve understanding and knowledge sharing about what types of therapies have been studies in which models 


Example question that can be answered with the catalog:

Ask an Expert

What TBI models have been used to study cognitive outcomes of pediatric mild TBI in mice?

Search by: assessment, species, age, injury type...

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