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PRECISE is partnering with the Open Data Commons for Traumatic Brain Injury (ODC-TBI), an NINDS recommended on-line data repository specifically for sharing pre-clinical TBI data.  Through the ODC-TBI, you can share data with your colleagues in a protected space and publish data to the public. The ODC-TBI complies with the FAIR data principles and the new NIH Data Sharing Policy to ensure that pre-clinical TBI data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. 

ODC-TBI supports requirements and recommendations of PRECISE for publishing robust and reproducible TBI research allowing investigators to:

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PRECISE and ODC-TBI support the new NIH data sharing policy.  We’ve assembled some materials that can be used to prepare your proposals using ODC-TBI and PRECISE:

Check back here to learn about what is new with ODC-TBI:

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Open Data Commons-TBI

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