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Blast TBI Educational Resources


The overarching mission of the Blast TBI Educational Project is to bring awareness of training and outreach efforts regarding deployment-related and Veteran-centric blast TBI research. We will accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing guidance and support the standardization of preclinical blast TBI models

  • Recommending injury parameters and effective blast measurement requirements for matrices of severity index and best practices

  • Sharing determined blast-related Common Data Elements (CDEs) to wider TBI community

  • Educating on and facilitating use of open-field blast core at the Missouri Open-Field Blast Core (e.g., Experimental Mine) at Missouri S&T, in association with the Acute Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium and the Truman VA.












Dr. Cahterine Johnson, Missouri S&T assistant professor of mining and nuclear engineering, detonates an explosion at the university's Experimental Mine facility as part of her research into TBIs in the military. photo credit: Sam O'Keefe/Missouri S&T. 

Missouri S&T – News and Events – Missouri S&T explosives researcher studies blast-induced brain injuries (

Collaborating with the Missouri Open-Field Blast Core and Truman VA Behavior Core Facilitates:

Do you have a novel compound to protect or restore brain function after blast injury? Do you have an innovative hypothesis about blast TBI pathology that you would like to test in a deployment-relevant model? Join our PRECISE-TBI contact list to learn more about collaboration with the Open-Field Blast Core and the Truman VA Behavior Core Facilities.

Facility features include:

  • Open-field blast model that was developed to mimic battlefield conditions

  • Targets at various distances allow altering the peak pressure and impulse

  • High speed video and data acquisition system used to monitor blasts

  • Collaboration with Truman VA facilitates behavioral assessments, evaluations of neuropathology, molecular neuroimaging, quantitative mass spectrometry, and global-proteome profiles

Join the PRECISE-TBI Contact List to learn more!



Blast TBI protocol:
Access example open field blast TBI protocol here

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