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PRE Clinical Interagency reSearch resourcE-TBI


Elevating Rigor, Reproducibility, Transparency, & Translation
in TBI Research 

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Data Sharing Workshop

June 8: noon-4pm
June 9: 8am- noon

Hilton Hotel Union Square,
San Francisco
National Neurotrauma Society Pre-Conference Activity

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The following resources developed and able to be used now.  Frequent updates occur, so check back often.  Also, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.  All resources can be accessed on this web page. Resources are being developed with Interagency and Research Community input.  Join our contact list for more info!

TBI Model Catalog

Our goal is to enhance reproducibility of preclinical TBI research by increasing the ability for researchers to find and access preclincial TBI model papers.

Data Sharing

Share your data with others in the research community in a safe, FAIR data sharing platform, Open Data Commons-TBI (ODC-TBI). ODC-TBI meets new NIH data sharing requirements. 

Common Data Elements

CDEs are content standards that enable investigators to systematically collect, analyze, and share data across the research community. 

Blast TBI Educational Resources

Learn about an open-field blast facility that supports collaboration and about blast-TBI models, tools, and standards. 

Join a Working Group 

Working groups are the functional units that develop all resources. Join in the effort by helping on a working group. It would look great on your CV!

Injury Severity Index

We will be developing an injury severity index that can be used to improve understanding of injury severity in preclinical models and the relationship to human injury. 

Interagency Partners

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Funding from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs,

Veterans Health Administration,

Office of Research and Development I50BX005878

Ready to find out more?

Join our contact list to learn more about resources, opportunities, and events. 

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