TBI Model Catalogue

Our Mission:

The mission of the Preclinical TBI Model Catalogue Project is to improve clinical translation of therapeutics by proving an online catalogue and standardized protocols to reduce the variability of model usage between laboratories. To achieve this, we will disseminate and maintain an online catalogue of preclinical models of TBI that will include preclinical outcomes that are relevant to human TBI pathologies.


What will the catalogue include?

  • Searchable knowledge base of preclinical TBI models

  • Protocols for injury production, calibration, and preventative maintenance

  • Model vendors

  • Biomechanically valid sensors to enhance reproducibility 

How is this beneficial to investigators? 

  • Improve understanding of what models have been used for assessment particular outcomes

  • Training tools to learn how to acquire and use TBI devices

  • Searchable tools to improve understanding and knowledge sharing about what types of therapies have been studies in which models 


Example question that can be answered with the catalogue:

What TBI models have been used to study cognitive outcomes of pediatric repetitive mild TBI in mice?

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