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Spotlight on PRECISE-TBI Tools just released

5 Tools to Accelerate Your TBI Research

PRECISE-TBI just released the first version of new tools for TBI researchers. Have you ever wanted a one-stop place for reviewing literature on preclinical TBI models? What about a place to find protocols for using these models? What are some key variables that you should collect... common data elements? Are there suggestions for how to organize your data to improve data sharing? Data sharing? What?! Oh yes, the National Institutes of Health now require data sharing. PRECISE-TBI tools can help you find the best model for your research, view example protocols, organize your data for data sharing, and then share your data!

PRECISE-TBI tool development is an iterative process, and to make great tools we need your input, ideas, likes, reviews, and suggestions. Please let us know what you think on these new product:

Tool #1 - Model Catalog

The on-line model catalog is a query-able tool that groups preclinical TBI models by model type, species, and assessments. You can easily find current literature on based on several facets. A great way to pick the model that is best for your research questions!

Tool #2 - Open Data Commons-TBI (ODC-TBI)

"Utilizations of CDEs for reporting both clinical and preclinical findings is a good practice that will help researchers in compliance with data sharing tools in the future. " – AIR data principles and the new NIH Data Sharing Policy to ensure that presclinical TBI data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).

"Utilizations of CDEs for reporting both clinical and preclinical findings is a good practice that will help researchers in compliance with data sharing tool in the future. " – focus traumatic brain injury research

Tool #3 - Common Data Elements (CDEs)

Common data elements (CDEs) are contest standard that enable investigators to systematically collect, analyze, and share data across the research community. Don't be left out. Learn more about CDEs and access the newly released core set of CDEs for study and animal metadata.

Tool #4 - Blast Injury Model Protocol

Ever wanted a to take a deeper dive into open-field blast injury modeling. The PRECISE-TBI blast injury education team has shared a detailed protocol so you can!

Tool #5 - Curated Preclinical TBI Protocols

You used the model catalog so you know WHAT model is best for your research. But HOW do you use this model? What have others done? No need to "reinvent the wheel". Use the preclinical TBI protocol resources to find curated lists of protocols.

Join the PRECISE-TBI Community

Your input is critical to making tools that help our research community accelerate research and translate new treatments for TBI. Join the PRECISE-TBI Community and provide feedback now.

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