Open Data Commons-TBI



The mission of the Open Data Commons-TBI (ODC-TBI) is to:

  • Establish a FAIR preclinical TBI data commons to promote sharing and reuse of preclinical TBI multimodal data

  • Implement standards and mapping tools to harmonize preclinical data using common data elements (CDEs)

  • Connect data to Preclinical Model Catalogue

  • Provide advanced analytics to define a PRECISE-TBI injury severity index using FAIR data

  • Provide training to on use of portal and mapping tools







Illustration by SangyaPundir, ccBy-SA 4.0, File FAIR data principles.jpg


The ODC-TBI Platform

The ODC-TBI was established in 2018 as an on-line platform for sharing and publishing data.  The platform conforms to best practices for trusted biomedical data repositories and runs with a sister platform, Open Data Commons for Spinal Cord Injury (ODC-SCI).  These tools are built on a common platform so that tools can be shared. The OCD-TBI currently hosts tabular data from the TOP-NT Consortium, the Moody Project for Translational TBI, and a few early-adaptor labs.  At this time, there are 30 labs participating which includes 50,000 variables and 50 million data sets! 

Join in and use this resource to share your data!

Why use ODC-TBI?

  • Be compliant with upcoming NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

  • Compliance with journal mandates for data sharing

  • Tools for checking quality of your data

  • Analytics for working with harmonized data

  • Drive discovery science